Standard Rope Access Kit

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  • Standard Rope Access Kit
  • Rope access or industrial climbing kit compiled with the most needed essentials needed to work on-site

Kit Specifications/Content

  • 1 x Climbing Helmet EN12492 / EN397
  • 1 x Full Body Harness EN361 / EN358 / EN813
  • 9 x Connector – Steel Oval Carabiner EN362
  • 1 x Rope – Dynamic Cow Tail Set EN892
  • 1 x Descender – EN12841 / EN341
  • 1 x Connector – Al Oval Carabiner EN362
  • 1 x Ascender – Chest ascender EN12841 / EN567
  • 1 x Ascender – Hand ascender Right or Left Handed EN12841 / EN567
  • 1 x Back-up – Rope Grab device EN12841 / EN353-2
  • 1 x Lanyard – Lanyard Rope Grab EN354 / EN795
  • 1 x Lanyard – Etrier Foot Loop
  • 1 x Tool Lanyard
  • 1 x Bag – Equipment PPE Large Bag
  • 1 x Lanyard – Rescue Quickdraw Sling EN566
  • 2 x Lanyard – Flat Sling EN354 / EN795
  • 1 x Seat – Rope Access Seat
  • 2 x Connector – Al Oval Carabiner EN362
  • 100 x Rope – Semi-static Rope 10.5mm EN1891
  • 2 x Protector – Rope Edge protector
  • 1 x Bag – Rope Bucket 100m
Product Quantity

Camp Ares Air Helmet

Steel Oval S/Gate Carabiner

R58.60 INCL. VAT each

663 in stock

Camp Aluminium Oval XL S/G Lock

R217.51 INCL. VAT each

29 in stock

Cow tail set

R362.26 INCL. VAT each

54 in stock

Camp Harness FR GT Full Body Harness

Camp Turbo Chest Ascender

R962.32 INCL. VAT each

78 in stock

Camp Hand Ascender Turbo RH

R986.41 INCL. VAT each

64 in stock

Camp Descender Giant

R2,794.86 INCL. VAT each

71 in stock

Camp Goblin Fall Arrester

R1,784.35 INCL. VAT each

142 in stock

Camp Goblin Lanyard Short

R203.07 INCL. VAT each

24 in stock

Gravity Gear Etrier 3-Step

R252.24 INCL. VAT each

57 in stock

Gravity Gear Tool lanyard

R33.07 INCL. VAT each

412 in stock

Gravity Gear Bag PPE Large

R397.64 INCL. VAT each

51 in stock

Singing Rock Budget Sling 11cm

R50.27 INCL. VAT each

40 in stock

Beal FLAT Sling 120cm

R121.56 INCL. VAT each

33 in stock

Gravity Gear Seat

R1,485.80 INCL. VAT each

29 in stock

Camp Nano Carabiner


Camp Prium 10.5mm Semi-Static Rope

Gravity Gear Rope Edge Protector 70cm

R148.34 INCL. VAT each

91 in stock

Gravity Gear R-Bucket 100m

R308.28 INCL. VAT each

25 in stock

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Additional information

Camp Ares Air Helmet


Red, White

Camp Harness FR GT Full Body Harness



Camp Nano Carabiner



Camp Prium 10.5mm Semi-Static Rope


100 m, 200 m, 50 m