Rope Rigging Kit 3:1 - Ground Control (Max 100 kg)

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  • Rope Rigging kit
  • With the use of a direction change to pull from the ground with ease.
  • For use in Telecommunications, utilities, construction work and mining industries.

Kit Content:

  • 2 x 100 Rope – Semi-static Rope 10.5mm EN1891
  • 8 x Connector – Steel Oval Carabiner EN362
  • 2 x Descender EN12841 / EN341
  • 1 x Ascender – Rope Grab device EN12841 / EN567
  • 3 x Pulley – Single, steel axle with bearing EN12278
  • 4 x Lanyard – Anchor Sling EN795
  • 1 x Bag – Gear Kitbag Large


  • Kit Weight: 21 kg
  • Max 100 kg load lift
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Beal Contract 10.5mm Semi-Static Rope

Steel Oval S/Gate Carabiner

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Anthron Lory SAFE Descender

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Camp Pulley Single Tethys Pro

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Camp Solo2 Chest Ascender

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Gravity Gear 1.5m Anchor Sling

R165.85 INCL. VAT each

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Gravity Gear Kitbag Large

R512.03 INCL. VAT each

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Beal Contract 10.5mm Semi-Static Rope


100 m, 200 m, 50 m