50m Rescue Ratchet Kit

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  • Gravity Rescue Ratchet Kit
  • Used in rescues to lift a patient and Lower the casualty safely to a safe place or platform


Kit Specifications/Content

50m x Rope – Semi-static Rope 10.5mm EN1891

4 x Connector – Steel Oval Carabiner EN362

1 x Descender EN12841 / EN341

1 x Lanyard – Flat Sling EN354 / EN795

1 x Lanyard – Anchor Sling EN795

1 x Ratchet – Rescue Sling EN354

1 x Bag – Rescue kit Rope Bag

Product Quantity

Camp Prium 10.5mm Semi-Static Rope

50 m

Steel Oval S/Gate Carabiner

R54.74 INCL. VAT each

910 in stock

Camp Descender Druid

R2,072.96 INCL. VAT each

62 in stock

Beal FLAT Sling 120cm Rescue

R119.62 INCL. VAT each

56 in stock

Gravity Gear 1.5m Anchor Sling

R165.85 INCL. VAT each

98 in stock

Gravity Rescue Ratchet

R534.30 INCL. VAT each

29 in stock

Gravity Gear R-Bag 50m Rescue

R339.55 INCL. VAT each

27 in stock

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Additional information

Camp Prium 10.5mm Semi-Static Rope


50 m